Saturday, March 24, 2007

Channon and Christopher...You are not forgotten...WE ARE COMING TO KNOXVILLE!!!

Like I have said previously, I refuse to let the story of this horrible torture and death of these two innocent whites die out! I am not alone! There is a rally of epic proportions being planned for the city of Knoxville TN in honor of these victims of diversity. planning and discussion of this rally can be found HERE
Read about this tragic crime that is becoming all to familiar HERE
Please do whatever you can to help with this rally. Let's expose the horrors of diversity and forced civil rights!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for add my blog to your links, a little correction the name is Ehreland.
Heil Hitler!
Sieg Heil!

Alexander Wilckens B.

Aryan Girl said...

Something about these two people just touches my heart. I am horrified and sad over what happened to them. I believe that there should be a commemoration at Knoxville. Is one day enough? I am so greatful that people are forming something to mark this terrible incident. Because God knows the media did a piss poor job! I hope that their souls have rest and smile down from heaven, finally. They are not forgeotten. God bless them and you all.

Anonymous said...

"...Because God knows the media did a piss poor job!..."

The media did no job. Reverse the races involved and we would be seeing a national holiday set aside for the victims. Black on white crime causes unjust steriotypes while white on black crime is rare and "newsworthy".

Those two kids suffered needlessly at the hands of savages who the schools, media and, government call our "peers".
No peer of mine is a savage nor will one ever be.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Greetings from Virginia ... noticing you have not updated also , hope all is well .

Here is the latest link to the blogsite
South Africa Sucks -

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