Thursday, January 25, 2007

PA Jew and his Non-White accomplices get busted for child porn.

This filthy Jew was molesting children as young as 3 MONTHS OLD! Death penalty anyone? Story is HERE.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Hate Directory v11.1

Lets all thank Mr. Franklin for his invaluable document. Don't these clowns know that all they are doing is making it easier to find good web sites? This is one great document! Links to each site included! Congratulations to Yankee Jim's Hudson Valley Freeman for making the list.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Fake "Hate" crime exposed!

Believe me when I tell you that this happens more than you think. The man's name who did this is Sam White, not very "White" of him huh? Video is HERE

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

N.S. protesters force 'race realist' to cancel controversial talk

These people used physical force on the man in front of police and they made no arrest! Story HERE

Philadelphia negro attorney "had a dream" on MLK Day....A dream to molest a 14 year old girl

Story is HERE. If you read this next article you will find out that he was the girls "godfather" and a trusted family friend. It shows that even so called "professional" negros are still simply negros, even on MLK day. spreads some truth to the people of NY on MLK Day

One or more white patriots from the web based group North East White Pride took it upon themselves to educate the people of NY about the FBI and Government statistics on negro crime the morning of the fraudulent holiday known as Martin Luther King Day. Story HERE. Be sure to watch the video.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Savage Negros murder white couple, female victim is tortured and raped for days before being killed

Just another harsh example of what white people face due to the Jewish invention of equal rights. Isn't diversity great? Story HERE

Huge number of Rabbis are molesting children....Where is the media coverage?

Oh thats right....JEWS run the media! I guess they think it is ok as long as the pedophiles are Jewish clergymen. Check out this list of offenders!

Evil Jew arrested for Russian sex slavery/prostitution ring

Its scumbags like this who kidnap and enslave Eastern European WHITE women to work as sex slaves to line his pockets. The abuse and disease these innocent women face at the hands of these Jews is unimaginable. Story HERE

Homosexual Filth Exposed By Disgruntled Workers

Certain fitness gyms have become a haven for filthy gay sex and the employees of these gyms have had enough. I would imagine that this behavior would NOT be accepted by heterosexual people yet queers have been unchallenged, until now that is.

Story HERE

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The numbers don't Lie! The 10 most dangerous cities vs. the 10 safest

Top ten most dangeros cities in the USA via the

1. Camden, NJ 53.3% Negro
2. Detroit, MI 81.6% Negro
3. St. Louis, MO 51.2% Negro
4. Flint, MI 53.0% Negro
5. Richmond, VA 57.2% Negro
6. Baltimore, MD 59% Negro
7. Atlanta, GA 61.4% Negro
8. New Orleans, LA 67.3% Negro
9. Gary, IN 84.0% Negro
10. Birmingham, AL 73.5% Negro

Now for the ten safest cities in the USA:

1. Newton, MA 86.4% White Non-Hispanic
2. Clarkstown, NY 76% White Non-Hispanic
3. Amherst, NY 88.4% White Non-Hispanic
4. Mission Viejo, CA 76.0% White Non-Hispanic
5. Brick Twnshp, NJ 94.1% White Non-Hispanic
6. Troy, MI 81.3% White Non-Hipsanic
7. Thousand Oaks, CA 77.7% White Non-Hipsanic
8. Round Rock, TX 65.6% White Non-Hipsanic
9. Lake Forest, CA 66.7% White Non-Hipsanic
10. Cary, NC 79.7% White Non-Hipsanic

Ethnic Breakdowns are found at

As you can see, ALL of the top ten most dangerous cities' largest racial group are negros, accounting for more than half of all the residents per city. Notice the ten most safe cities ALL consist of mainly White Non-Hispanic populations. Being politicaly correct does not solve the problem that is supported by cold hard facts. Where there are negros there is violent crime.....Period!

These Jews who are fighting for "diversity" and "equal rights" DO NOT have your safety in mind, just more votes for the politicians they buy into office with their campaign contributions. Don't believe me? Go and check who contributes the most money to BOTH Republican and Democrat political campaigns......Thats right JEWS!

Panzerfaust Videos

Share these educational videos with everyone you know! Help spread awareness of the Jewish menace and the problems they cause for all Non-Jews World Wide.

Jewish Hate.....Thats right they hate YOU!

Kosher Food Tax Swindle..... Jewish animal cruelty and extortion from the masses.

Usury or Jewsury? The Jewish grip on the worlds money is absolute!

Protocols of Zion..... The very real plan of Jewish World domination.

Quotes About Jews..... See what famous and noble men had to say about the Jews.

Mexican Invasion..... Yet another effect of Jewish control of the US government.

Israeli Newspaper admits: "We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish"

Click HERE to see that they acknowledge what so many Non-Jews have been ridiculed and even jailed for saying.