Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The numbers don't Lie! The 10 most dangerous cities vs. the 10 safest

Top ten most dangeros cities in the USA via the

1. Camden, NJ 53.3% Negro
2. Detroit, MI 81.6% Negro
3. St. Louis, MO 51.2% Negro
4. Flint, MI 53.0% Negro
5. Richmond, VA 57.2% Negro
6. Baltimore, MD 59% Negro
7. Atlanta, GA 61.4% Negro
8. New Orleans, LA 67.3% Negro
9. Gary, IN 84.0% Negro
10. Birmingham, AL 73.5% Negro

Now for the ten safest cities in the USA:

1. Newton, MA 86.4% White Non-Hispanic
2. Clarkstown, NY 76% White Non-Hispanic
3. Amherst, NY 88.4% White Non-Hispanic
4. Mission Viejo, CA 76.0% White Non-Hispanic
5. Brick Twnshp, NJ 94.1% White Non-Hispanic
6. Troy, MI 81.3% White Non-Hipsanic
7. Thousand Oaks, CA 77.7% White Non-Hipsanic
8. Round Rock, TX 65.6% White Non-Hipsanic
9. Lake Forest, CA 66.7% White Non-Hipsanic
10. Cary, NC 79.7% White Non-Hipsanic

Ethnic Breakdowns are found at

As you can see, ALL of the top ten most dangerous cities' largest racial group are negros, accounting for more than half of all the residents per city. Notice the ten most safe cities ALL consist of mainly White Non-Hispanic populations. Being politicaly correct does not solve the problem that is supported by cold hard facts. Where there are negros there is violent crime.....Period!

These Jews who are fighting for "diversity" and "equal rights" DO NOT have your safety in mind, just more votes for the politicians they buy into office with their campaign contributions. Don't believe me? Go and check who contributes the most money to BOTH Republican and Democrat political campaigns......Thats right JEWS!

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