Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We must not forget these innocent white victims of a brutal racial hate crime in Knoxville TN

I refuse to let this story die out!
In Knoxville TN, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were on a date when a group of savage Negroes carjacked them at gunpoint. Christopher Newsome was sodomized, had his penis cut off, shot and had gasoline poured on him and was burned to a crisp in front of his girlfriend. She was then taken to the home of the Negroes and subsequently tortured, mutilated, and gang raped for two days before being brutally murdered. These Negro animals even poured house hold cleaner down her throat.

This brutal racial hate crime has received no national coverage from the Associated Press. I think it is up to us racially aware whites to do something about this outrage and cover up by the national media! I suggest we all contact the Associated Press and ask them why this story has been denied national coverage.

The Jew Bureau Chief of the TN Associated Press is:
Adam Yeomans

215 Centerview Blvd.
Suite 110
Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: 615-373-9988
Fax: 615-376-0951
Email: ayeomans@ap.org

Here is the AP TN website

Update on the Duke Univeristy rape of an 18 year old white woman by a Negro

Here is some information on the suspect just in case anyone might want to interview Mr. Burch about his crime.
Michael Jermaine Burch, 21 years old

Feel free to pay this Negro rapist's home a visit and give him a call.
Phone Number: (919) 957-2930
322 Junction Road
Durham, 27703

and here's a map of where:

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gambian president claims he has a cure for aids, an herbal rub and two bananas.

Keep in mind that this genius is the PRESIDENT! The average IQ in Gambia (a Western African nation) is 68.....That is clinically retarded in most of the Western World. But remember what the Jews tell you folks, these silly Negroes are our equals. Its OUR fault that they cant think like humans....We are failing our Negroes....It's all our fault! You have got to read this!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gay Civil Unions Now Available in NJ - Thanks Jews!

Gay Jews Steven Goldstein and Daniel Gross renewed their vows as New Jersey became the third state in the nation to offer civil unions for gay couples.

What's next? Gay adoption rights I assume. Soon homosexuals will be making the laws for straight people. This is a direct effect of the infestation of NJ by so many Jews. Where there are Jews.....There are ridiculous rights for sub-humans and perverts. THANKS JEWS! Story HERE

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

White 18 Year Old Co-Ed Raped At Duke University Negro Frat House

I notice that the News media mentions NOTHING about race, I have been watching the TV news stations all day.....Not a single mention of this most likely REAL rape case where a White female Co-Ed was raped by savage Negroes. If you will remember it has been almost a year since the OTHER Duke rape case hit the news, the one where WHITE men were accused of raping a Negro Prostitute and DNA evidence found them all to be innocent and it has been all over the national news this whole time. This story makes local news only and no mention of the racial aspect. This double standard that white people face has to end! Story HERE

This Fraternity is exclusively for Negroes. HERE is the website for Phi Beta Sigma.

Here is the District Attorney who has been hassling the innocent White victims of the Anti-White false Duke rape case and will most likely give these animal Negroes a VERY light sentence if any at all. Give this man a call or pay him a visit and let him know you won't stand for any special treatment of these savage Negroes.

Michael Nifong
Durham County Judicial Building
6th Floor Durham, NC 27701

"Police Chief Steve Chalmers said investigators were also working Monday to determine who was at the party and working with the alleged victim to get a better description of what the assailant looked like"
I suggest giving the Negro Police Chief a call to let him know that special treatment of other Negroes based on any anti-White feelings he may have will NOT be tolerated either.

Durham Police Chief Steve Chalmers

New Jersey "educator" arrested for child porn, and drugs

"A New Jersey educator was arrested Friday on charges he possessed child pornography. He had previously been charged after being caught with almost two hundred marijuana plants, and three pounds of pot in his home."

What is the perverts name? Why Stuart GOLDMAN of course! Keep your kids away from JEWS!

Story is HERE

Saturday, February 3, 2007

TNB - Camden, NJ city spending

Wow.....$130,000 a year to a man who has been dead for 3 years? What I find most amusing is how the news station covering this story is in Nebraska! Look HERE to see who is on the city council of Camden. Big surprise huh? 4 Negroes, 2 Hispanics and 1 Jew! Lets not forget the mayor seen HERE........Do you notice a trend here?