Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gambian president claims he has a cure for aids, an herbal rub and two bananas.

Keep in mind that this genius is the PRESIDENT! The average IQ in Gambia (a Western African nation) is 68.....That is clinically retarded in most of the Western World. But remember what the Jews tell you folks, these silly Negroes are our equals. Its OUR fault that they cant think like humans....We are failing our Negroes....It's all our fault! You have got to read this!


NY White Pride said...

If he has the cure for AIDS, why is he wearing rubber gloves?

Great Work!


freetohate said...

Most niggers are stupid I agree, but I don't understand what the hell your point is about this article. I don't know how him obviously finding a cure for AIDS would be an example of nigger stupidity... I study alot about natural cures ect. And I totaly believe whatever he's doing probably works, especially when it mentioned the herbal drinks he would give the patients. Read Salibrious Living by Ben Klassen sometime... he talks plenty about how most all diseases are really jewish creations made in order to keep the population braindead and depressed as well as generate billions and billions of dollars into the medical industry (ever wonder why there's so many Jewish "doctors"?) as well as all these deseases having very simple natural cures. YES, There are easy cures for cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and just about anything else considered by the jewish establishment as "uncurable". And I've studied extensivly about the FDA, processed foods and drugs, disease, ect. and from what I've read... I totaly believe he's got the cure. But it all just goes to show... it doesn't take a scientist to figure it out, that these "uncurable diseases" are actually extremly easy to cure, but it just takes a total brainwashed ameriKan lemming to never even realize it, as they take all their anti-depresants, insuline, cold medicine, sleep medicine, viagra, and vaccines the rest of their life.

I H8 NIGGERS said...

Let the god damn chimps die.With every nigger death,the world gets a little more bearable.And freetohate,if you think that gorilla can cure AIDS with bananas,then I suspect your IQ to be sub-par to even the most degenerate nigger.Get a grip!!